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neanex helps your Project or Company to connect all People, Tools and Information to reach the pre-defined Goals!

iBIM Concept
A level 3 BIM Solution

The iBIM Concept facilitates an open-bim solution allowing all project members to work in their design tool of choice while having access to all relevant project information. Unique is the central semantic database (Relatics) which supports all (design) processes. Our in-house developed iBIM Connectors realise the connection between the different Design software tools and the central database.

iBIM Database
A proven template to manage the I of BIM

Thanks to an extensive experience gained over various projects in the civil and building construction sector, neanex has developed various database templates. These templates have been successfully deployed on dozens of projects. The best practice experiences from these templates were consolidated in the iBIM Database where Systems Engineering (SE) processes are optimally integrated with BIM processes.

iBIM Connectors
Access & Share relevant Information

We believe the entire project team should work in his or her design tool of choice while having access to all relevant project information. The iBIM Connectors enable the access to this information as a plugin in the Design Tool of choice. We have an entire family of iBIM Connectors available and the versatile platform allows us to develop additional Connectors within a short period of time.

Relatics templates
A tailored solution for you

You have a very specific Information Management problem? We’re happy to build a tailored solution based on a Semantic Database Technology to tackle your problem and ease the Information Management within your Project and Company. We can start from a blank page or from one of our proven templates ranging from a PM-module to manage your budget, Asset Management,…

Our Skills
Optimizing Construction Processes

“We are an expert team of Building Information
who provide strategic advising and state-of-the-art tools to building design professionals, contractors and owners. Our specialty is technology driven process innovation tailored on the project specific needs in order to meet the project Goals.”

What We Do
Our Capabilities & Services

A highly skilled professional team with an innovative touch.

Information Management

neanex’ consultants have the most flexible technology at their fingertips to deal with any complex information management problem. We translate your problem to an easy to use information solution.

Implement iBIM Tools
Tailored on YOUR needs!

Our consultants are trained to analyse your internal processes and define your needs. They tailor the different iBIM tools to fit those needs and make sure the tools align with the internal processes.

iBIM Audit
Where is your company today?

neanex consultants help you to gain insight in the current status of BIM and/or SE in your company or Project. The report offers a plan to create quick wins and to evolve to mature iBIM company?

Customer Support
Get the maximum out your tools

Our support is powered by the entire team offering you the versatile hands-on expertise you expect resulting in simple solutions to solve your problem in less time with a personal touch.

iBIM Execution Plan
It starts with a good Plan!

Our consultants help you to create a detailed and tailored plan to implement iBIM (SE & BIM) in your different projects and daily work processes to reach the project goals more efficiently.

iBIM Consulting
Experts at your service!

Our consultants are experienced BIM and SE engineers who understand your needs in no time. It’s their goal to help you in a pragmatic and efficient way allowing you to focus on what is important, your project Goals.

Thanks to neanex’ iBIM concept we were able to centralize the Design Information. This helps to reduce costs during the renovation.

Jan Van Steirteghem - Project Manager of building consortium Hyacint

Applying neanex’ iBIM Concept helps us to centralize and re-use knowledge in our different projects and hence win valuable time and money

Bart Gentens - Project Manager at Grontmij

Interface management becomes easy and 100% under control for both temporary and permanent constructions. Thank you neanex!

Adriaan de Jong - Project Manager of building consortium i-Lent

Our trusted partners
helping neanex to stay on top of things

Thanks to iNFRANEA we keep our tools very close to practice. neanex works closely together wit iNFRANEA to test our Tools in actual projects.

Relatics is the leading information management system for large projects in Europe. neanex applies the technology of Relatics in the innovative iBIM Concept.

Work as Many, Think as One!

Our latest news
Interesting iBIM related stuff

Stories how neanex is involved in the magical world of iBIM.

  • neanex was invited to present the iBIM Concept during the EUBIM conference in Valencia

iBIM is fantastic, easy to use & neanex offers real expertise and responds quickly to our requests!

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