Data Driven Insights enable a more sustainable built environment. That is our DNA!

Data Driven Insights enable a more sustainable built environment. That is our DNA!

Neanex supports large asset owners, engineers & construction companies to be in control of information about their projects & assets at all times. All stakeholders in the built environment struggle with availability & re-usability of data. With a project focused industry, we try to invent the wheel over & over again.
Neanex can support in different ways to re-use your best practices & share ours from many years in the field.
In this way we set up & advice in terms of processes and tools.
Process first, tools come later.




On shore / Offshore




Real Estate

Real Estate


Systems Engineering

Systems engineering for the built environment involves the application of a systematic approach to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of complex infrastructure and facilities. The goal of SE is to ensure the successful realization of complex systems that meet the stakeholder needs and requirements throughout the assets' life cycle.

Digital Hand Over & Data Delivery

As we need to set our requirements not only on the physical asset & functional needs, but more and more also on the data demands we have for our project delivery, it is important to think this through. Data expectations come in different forms from content to format to way of transferring information. At what point in time do we deliver information and who does what? Find out how Neanex supports you in advice & hand ons data delivery.

BIM Data Engineering Services

As BIM is a crucial element of desing, construction & operations of physical assets, this is not only about modelling in 3D. It involves a wide range of data & information concepts. And it can become very data complex at some point. But we like to keep it tangible. Driven by the process, tools come later. A true BIM process is a strategic advantage for your organization. So starting yesterday is key.

Business Intelligence for Construction & Engineering

As our building information landscape contains many data sources and serves many goals, measuring, monitoring the quality of the BIM process & data is key. That is why dashboards & reports are a key element to set your goals and take action where need. You first need to measure before you can change where needed. That is why we invest in building business intelligence service for AECO & BIM applications. To give you the temperature checks you need independent from your tools or process.

Information Management

The control over process, information & data is key in our organisations. As data is the new gold, we need to rethink how we handle all the information, generated in this new digital ecosystem. More and more tools emerge. Paper is replaced by digital documents. But how can we capture our knowledge to re-use cross project & cross lifecycles? Our focus is to drive on data not on application and functionalities, and in this way: gain the competitive advantage.

Graph Technology enables digital twin in AECO with Neanex

Graph Technology is at the base of a new era of data management. It has given the possibility to manage huge amounts of data and their underlying relations. Graph was a choice Neanex made many years ago and has found its way into construction industry.


Project Manager

Business Analist

BIM Consultant

Systems Engineer

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