About Neanex


Neanex makes

the built environment

more sustainable

 through data driven

 asset insights.

Efficient. Insightful. Easy.

To make sure we can guarantee, as a society, 

availability, safety and continuity of critical assets, 

we need to do things differently,
and really get grip on how we make decisions and gain control.

Critical assets like infrastructure, connectivity, mobility and a sustainable economic system are in need of real data driven way of working.

We see in asset life cycle management, that information is very scattered around.

In different tools, teams & stakeholders.

A one-of-a-kind asset often is realised by using one-of-a-kind process.

What leads to chaos, data loss, high costs and inefficient ways of working.

Our NEANEX experts & technology supports you to make sure information is
consistent and available for all parties involved in designing, building and operating assets.

Our Team

At NEANEX it is all about the people that make it happen everyday.

Our team are the experts that share the knowledge we gathered over the years across large construction and engineering projects in Europe and beyond.

Our colleagues have different backgrounds in divers disciplines in engineering, digital engineering & information management, data management, IT architecture and several disciplines in construction, but also in deploying technology in large construction and real estate projects and asset organisations.

We have a great mix of young potentials and profound experience.
But most of all we are always on our feet to support our clients and projects, no matter what!


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