Neanex is looking for a Java Developer

Our Company 

We want to shape the future of construction, engineering and real estate by giving organisations the control over asset information to become data driven and have a competitive edge!
The expertise in information management and our Neanex Portal give companies control to make profound decisions.

Our ambition is to make our clients less dependent on single software suppliers, to offer the freedom of choice. We foresee new best-of-breed application landscapes, based on our Neanex Portal. 

Neanex Portal is a Digital Asset Register that combines, enriches and facilitates data handover throughout the complete project and asset lifecycle. In this way we represent the static pillar of a Digital Twin. We want to guard the common data language and facilitate digital ecosystems via our Neanex Portal.

We are a young, dynamic company, currently 17 people, aged between 23 and 45. We are an Antwerp based start-up and growing up to our potential. We try to balance being focused and delivering results with a relaxed atmosphere and enough room for joking around and team moments. 

At Neanex we respect people for their personal beliefs and identity and we are very serious at keeping that a core value of our company. 

We are a well-mixed team with people who have different educational backgrounds, amongst which are computer science and software engineering, industrial sciences like construction, architecture and civil engineering, electronics-ICT, management and engineering. We have a firm understanding of software development, but also an expertise in semantics and information modeling. And of course we know the domain of our clients, mainly active in technological industries like construction and infrastructure.

Neanex is based in Belgium in Antwerp, next to the railway station Antwerp-Berchem and close to Antwerp Central. Our office is easily reachable by public transport from all major cities in the area. Most of our colleagues live in cities nearby and some as far as Den Haag & Amsterdam.

Mission as our Java Developer 

You love to work with most trending technologies and are able to apply your knowledge by tackling challenging problems.
It’s in your nature to spread your expertise amongst a team. You are not afraid to explore new grounds in the landscape of IT. Both backend and frontend technologies are an answer to your technical appetite. Above all, YOU want to be part of our happy IT-crowd.

Your Skills 

As a java developer, you have more than 5 years of experience in developing java solutions. You know how to tackle technical subjects and spread your expertise. Your independent nature and lust for innovation are what sets our team into motion.

More than 5 years of experience in java development

You eat technical challenges for breakfast

Ability to work independently

Communication skills

Team player

Agile adept

Knowledge of Java (17)

Knowledge of Spring

Knowledge of Maven

Knowledge of GraphQL is a big plus

Knowledge of Graph databases is a plus

Knowledge of Amazon Cloud is a plus

Knowledge of JavaScript is a plus

Knowledge of Docker is a plus

Experience in Software (Clean) Architecture is a plus

Our Offer 

  • You will be a part of a young and dynamic team
  • Market conform pay
  • Learning plan through workshops, in-house tech talks, …
  • Build up your personal budget for external training
  • Development play time (build your own projects)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Social events
  • ...

Interview with Bas and Thomas, Developers at Neanex 

Autonomy, teamwork, and being interested in the entire application, these are important qualities. Everyone has its responsibility, but for strategic decisions, we value the input of all the colleagues. We want a certain overlap in know-how, like the frond-end and back-end development. It’s a team effort, you need to capitalise all the                  talents.

Thomas: I started working here a few months after the start, in 2017. I’ve seen us evolving from a start-up, building a solution at full speed, towards the scale-up phase. Now we are enhancing the application, with a focus on stability and scalability. But it often feels like new development, our work is driven by new technologies.

Bas: Indeed, Neanex has always been strong in innovation. We discuss what we need to invest in first, and do the investment. Our management encourages us to step back, to listen to all the ideas and feedback before we start the implementation. We take the time to do it well and to build a long-term vision.

Thomas: PlayTime: that’s a big innovation driver. Each developer can explore new technologies, play around with new stuff, in all creative freedom. You do this alone, or we meet at the office to test new things, a few hours a week. Sometimes we just have a chat. But you know, these moments, the most interesting ideas pop up.

Bas: Why did I choose this job? I didn’t want to work on a side project. I wanted to play an important role in the core application of my company. Neanex is the ideal place if you want to shape the job yourself.

Thomas: For me flexibility is key. You go the extra mile, we’re all very dedicated. But there’s also room for a chat, for the human factor. It’s a game of give and take

Are you interested?

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