Front End Developer Hero Wanted?

We are looking for a Front-End Developer Hero

We value you for your drive and skills, Master or Bachelor, self taught or learned on your former jobs or on weekends, we want you for what you bring to the table and the ambition to go the extra mile.

To develop our Neanex Portal to the next level we need you to create a top notch UX.

Let’s Talk!

Or schedule a short video call to get to know each other via

Are you?

  • A goalgetter

  • Going the extra mile with every step of the way

  • Looking for an environment where your ideas have room to grow 

  • Teamplayer with energy to push juniors and colleagues to the next level

  • Ready to join a top team

  • Eager to learn new things

Technology we are using today, but nothing is limited to that:

  • Requirements

    • Solid understanding of JavaScript / TypeScript ES6+

    • At least a few years of React experience (Or Vue, Angular, Svelte)

    • Ability to work solo and come up with maintainable clean frontend code.

    • GraphQL knowledge, schema design experience is also a big plus.

  • Nice To Haves

    • NextJS (Or any other SSR framework)

    • Styled Components (Or any other CSS in JS solution)

    • Apollo Client (Or any other GraphQL client)

    • Functional Programming

    • Backend experience


You speak fluent Dutch and English.

What we offer:

  • Personal Development Track

  • Room for independent & organised training

  • Development play time (build your own projects)

  • Social events & team incentives

  • Agile way of working

  • Salary based upon experience and skills you bring

  • Extra Legal advantages

  • Being part of an innovative start-up with great ambitions to shake the construction industry

  • Remote and Hybrid way of working

  • ….

Our Vision

Neanex makes the built environment more sustainable through data driven asset insights. 

Efficient, Insightful, Easy.

We help AECO professionals to gain the competitive advantage and do things differently by unleashing potential of data.

As a Lead Consultant and Project Manager you support our customers to make sure they become data driven. You support, advice and push them to shape the future of AECO industry into a digital way of working.

The design, construction, and delivery process of roads, bridges, power stations, buildings, ... is nothing new to you.


  • We are valued for our expertise and known for our quality and helpfulness.

  • We are cutting edge and we dare to experiment.

  • We are an autonomous group of equals.

  • We are averse to machismo, two-faced behaviour and corporate games.

  • In our commonalities we feel connected.


Our ambition is to shape the future of designing, building and maintaining critical assets by unleashing the potential of data. So our clients as an asset owner are smart building, smart asset and digital twin ready from day zero.

We want to make our clients less dependent on single software suppliers, to offer the freedom of choice. 

Neanex Portal, our top notch software platform is a Digital Asset Register that combines asset information from different sources throughout the complete asset life cycle.
In this way we offer Asset Information as a Service.

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