Neanex Portal

Neanex Portal is the only web-based
Digital Asset Register.

Your single source of truth, as a smart assembly of crucial information. 

Very approachable and intuitive,
Powerful application with ease of use.

Navigate your information through 3D representation.

Experience the fast data navigation using
graph database technology.

Data consistency and related representations give you the possibility to have real insights in the correct status of project information at any time.

Digital Twin and 
Smart Building Services can be realised seamless.

Be smart asset ready from day zero! 

Combine, Enrich & Handover 
crucial information & data from different sources;

  • systems engineering information structures

  • requirements and demands 

  • product & technical data from documents 

  • your design from CAD & BIM tools

  • inspection or quality check information from inspection tooling

  • planning & cost information ( CBS , WBS)

  • object type libraries and classifications

  • integrate within your existing IT landscape 

Bringing them together & connecting them,
 keeps your digital information model relevant.

In every life cycle of your building, bridge, tunnel, powerstation, road,...

Be scalable in every way and be future proof.

Start small, grow throughout your complete enterprise process.

In this way your asset information is:

  • always up to date

  • insightful and approachable

  • correct and consistent

  • ready for re-use or re-direct to any other process

  • connected in every way

Approach asset information from
a 3D perspective to find data more intuitive.

Link directly with your BIM model and CAD tools. 

based on correct and complete information.

Manage issues and change requests from your client, contractor or operator.

Our BCF compliancy gives you independency from tooling and stakeholders. 

Design review & Asset Data update structured and always up to date.

Approach information in the context that is relevant for you as a user.

Use thematic filters to make it visible in the 3D model and data tables.

Present your requirements directly into your design & pre- design process.

Have information ready to be checked & confirmed cross teams & stakeholders.


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