Standardisation & Linked Data

Linked Data is an Open Standard for interoperability through the cloud, and one of our core areas of expertise. Linked Data is based on a universal data structure called Resource Description Framework (RDF), making data accessible via the Internet and interrelated as one coherent web of data.

To use Linked Data successfully, organisations require specialist capabilities. For instance methods for designing information models (schemas) and ontologies, in-depth knowledge on modelling languages (e.g. RDF(S), OWL, SKOS) and skilled application of query and validation languages like SPARQL and SHACL.

Next to this we have additional expertise in tooling that make use of Linked Data like Laces from Semmtech or graph technology like Neo4J and many others.

Of course the knowledge of different ISO standards in the industry like ISO 19650, NEN 2660 and many more, can be transferred and applied in your projects.

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