Who we are

At Neanex, we believe a sustainable world starts with having the right insights in your asset or building information at any time.

Without having those insights, it's not possible to 

  • make use of those assets to the fullest.

  • assure proper operability and availability.

  • plan needed investments and renovations. 

  • create circular and sustainable built environment for future generations.

  • increase the added value of your asset throughout its lifecycle and beyond.

At NEANEX it is all about the people that make it happen everyday.

Our team are the experts that share the knowledge we gathered over the years across large construction and engineering projects in Europe and beyond.

Our colleagues have different backgrounds in divers disciplines in engineering, digital engineering & information management, data management, IT architecture and several disciplines in construction, but also in deploying technology in large construction and real estate projects and asset organisations.

We have a great mix of young potentials and profound experience.

But most of all we are always on our feet to support our clients and projects, no matter what!

We walk on the cutting edge of business-knowledge, experience and technology.

Our team uses these aspects to achieve great things.

We’re always on the lookout for talents with a creative-yet-analytical mindset,

a healthy amount of perfectionism,
and a strong drive to push boundaries and gather knowledge.

Join us!


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