Front-end Developer Hero

Thomas and Bas, both developers at Neanex, are looking for a front-end web application developer. They work on a Digital Twin for the construction sector, a place where a massive amount of data gets combined and enriched. 

Bas:  Autonomy, teamwork, and being interested in the entire application, these are important qualities. Everyone has its responsibility, but for strategic decisions, we value the input of all the colleagues. We want a certain overlap in know-how, like the frond-end and back-end development. It’s a team effort, you need to capitalise all the talents.

Thomas: I started working here a few months after the start, in 2017. I’ve seen us evolving from a start-up, building a solution at full speed, towards the scale-up phase. Now we are enhancing the application, with a focus on stability and scalability. But it often feels like new development, our work is driven by new technologies.

Indeed, Neanex has always been strong in innovation. We discuss what we need to invest in first, and do the investment. Our management encourages us to step back, to listen to all the ideas and feedback before we start the implementation. We take the time to do it well, to build a long-term vision.

‘PlayTime’, that’s a big innovation driver. Each developer can explore new technologies, play around with new stuff, in all creative freedom. You do this alone, or we meet at the office to test new things, a few hours a week. Sometimes we just have a chat. But you know, these moments, the most interesting ideas pop up.

Why did I choose this job? I didn’t want to work on a side project. I wanted to play an important role in the core application of my company. Neanex is the ideal place if you want to shape the job yourself.

For me flexibility is key. You go the extra mile, we’re all very dedicated. But there’s also room for a chat, for the human factor. It’s a game of give and take.


  • Walk the talk
  • I love people
  • To bring value
  • Teamwork = team sport
  • Contribute to Society 
  • Commitment and respect


  • Innovation
  • The best solution
  • Working together
  • To create something
  • To grow along with the company
  • To have impact


  • Reluctance to change
  • To stay on your own island
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of collaboration
  • To evade your responsibility
  • To think as separate group

Skills of Bas

Conceptual thinking8
Technical development7
Information sharing8
Creativity 10
Infinite learning8

Skills of Thomas

Technical development8
To guide7
Helicopter view9
Technical insight9
Problem solving8
INTERESTED to join our team in Antwerp as our Front-end Developer Hero?
Lets schedule a coffee break with Bas and Thomas! 

Some things our Front-end Developer Hero should master :

  • Requirements
    • Solid understanding of JavaScript / TypeScript ES6+
    • At least a few years of React experience (Or Vue, Angular, Svelte)
    • Ability to work solo and come up with maintainable clean frontend code.
    • GraphQL knowledge, schema design experience is also a big plus.
    • Thinking outside of the box during our play time.

  • Nice To Haves

    • NextJS (Or any other SSR framework)
    • Styled Components (Or any other CSS in JS solution)
    • Apollo Client (Or any other GraphQL client)
    • Functional Programming
    • Backend experience
    • Love Antwerp (actually a must have)

Front-end Developer Hero

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