Graph Technology enables digital twin in AECO with Neanex

Many hands make light work. But they leave behind many piles of messy data. It gets worse when this data is siloed, never to be seen by many who should.

This is what happens when building big, critical assets in the built environment – including high rise buildings, airports, power stations, water utilities, and the like. Huge teams of people, all with an area of focus and their own systems and tools to support their work, each have a job to do.

But what’s the big picture? How do the asset stakeholders get a better understanding of what’s going on, and how things are connected?

When complexity gets siloed away, the complete picture gets obscured. Data that seems clean may actually be messy from a different point of view. Belgian firm Neanex aims to create a single source of truth for big asset projects by creating digital twins of massive physical objects. Neo4j is at the core of their work.

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