Neanex selected by BE-yond 2022

Released on last Wednesday 12th of October, Neanex is very proud to be part of the BEyond program of 2022.

In the Antwerp Expo, hosted by the SPACE Human Quest exhibition by Jürgen Ingels, Pulse Foundation announced the scale ups that were selected to become part of a 12 month journey. 

After a selection draft and being short listed, our story  and pitch was selected with 9 other companies to dive into the process. 

The goal is to get the right tools and expertise to scale abroad and aim for the stars.

We will be supported by our mentor Olivier Delens, co-founder of Ibanity ( now part of the Isabel Group) , and many more experts from Deloitte, Linklaters, .... in the steps we need to take in our international & growth ambition. 

Neanex is active in construction industry, a global industry and therefore unavoidable in our little country to not look beyond the borders of Benelux and Europe in general.

As quoted from the Beyond website :


" BEyond is an initiative by Pulse Foundation, a foundation that gathers many entrepreneurial families sharing the same vision: entrepreneurship drives the societal changes of today and tomorrow. We believe in the tremendous impact that our Belgian entrepreneurs have through the jobs and added value they create, and thanks to the innovation and creativity they generate. That’s why we want to help them. BEyond is all about philanthropy and supporting our entrepreneurial ecosystem to safeguard the prosperity of Belgium. It is about being a facilitator for tech entrepreneurs to achieve their company’s international expansion. "

Neanex is ready to step it up and BEyond and looking forward to a wild ride! 

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