Know Your Asset Inside Out

As I was looking for content around maturity of digital asset registers with large contractors, engineering firms and asset owners in Europe, I found this video explaining very clear and straightforward what a digital twin is. Because digital twin is a general and very broad principle, but digital asset register is less known, let me explain.

Digital Asset Register is the static version of a digital twin to state it in a simple way. Connect information from different sources relevant for this specific asset throughout the project lifecycle. This register provides the single source of truth.

On the other hand I was wondering if we really think that by just adding sensors on a black box we will have a smart asset? Will we be able to work on for example predictive maintenance? Or take efficient measures once we need to take actions in the building? Because the black box, read as built handover is in the best case a harddrive with a document structure and tons of spreadsheets and pdf's. But how can we put that information to work? Unlock the data from the pdf and excel prison ;)

Shouldn’t we be realising today when we start to think about a project concept what we want to reach in the end? If we want a smart building to better service the end user or operator, we need to take that into consideration when looking at our information management today!

What information do we need to gather during concept, design & built? So we can reuse our data register in the digital twin to operate better. And only at that point we will really know what our asset looks like inside out.

If we build our digital asset register today we will know upon delivery what we receive as an asset owner and we will know in the future what windows had what lifetime expectations and how many lights we should replace if an upgrade of the lighting system is necessary. We will be able to manage recycling off our buildings and infrastructure because we really know what is inside and how much of it.

Neanex Portal offers a digital twin register to make sure that you can start from a data consistent and complete relevant model of your asset.

To make sure you are ready for smart assets tomorrow, start thinking about it today!

Let us know if we can help you in this quest!

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