Material Passport based on Linked Data ft. Heijmans

As we need to give our limited resources an identity to create a sustainable built environment, Neanex strongly believes in the power of Linked Data. Aligned with Heijmans goals to strive for more circular in the way they handle construction materials, we have set up a Material Passport based on Linked Data together.

To be clear, we have not created a material register like Madaster or other Life Cycle Assessement tool.

In the lifecycle of an asset, building, bridge, road, tunnel,... information is very scattered. When we can not capture the lifecycles of assets and in detail of materials cross life cycle, project and time and usein this sense, it becomes impossible to recycle, re-use our so limited resources = building materials.

Linked Data provides a methodology and rule set to make sure that independent from content, industry, time, tools, organisations & software vendors, you can always re-use data. If we use this Linked Data principles we make our data, organisation and materials in the case of a material passport future proof.

So materials become 'smart' assets that have value. We should be able in the near future to capture the value of these 'used' materials. This value will not only change the way we finance projects but also how we look at 'used' assets not as garbage but as gold. 

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