How to evolve from document based to data driven. By Mathias Everaert.

Hi, my name is Mathias Everaert. I'm the newest member of the Neanex Team and would like to introduce myself. I’m a versatile, dynamic and enthusiastic team player with passion for IT, innovation, sports and the AECO industry. 

After getting my master’s degrees (in Sport-Management and Business Economics) in 2013, I was looking for suitable challenges and tried a few things out in different companies and different  industries. Within this period I realized that I had a lot of affinity with IT, innovation and digitalisation.

In 2016 I had the opportunity to join a Belgium tech company with an innovative and open mindset, Bricsys. I took this opportunity with both hands and was able to learn and grow together with the company. As a Business Development Manager and Account Executive for Bricsys 24/7, I was responsible for helping new and existing customers (Contractors, Asset owners, Project developers, Project Teams ....) to organize and standardize their document and data management around building projects. By attending fairs, working closely with colleagues but most of all by listening and working together with hundreds of AECO companies around the world for almost 7 years, I learned a lot about the complexity of the traditional AECO-industry,  and its steps towards digitalisation as it is a  huge challenge.

Why Neanex?  

After almost 7 years working mostly on the challenge to communicate and collaborate with both internal and external contributors It was time for me to chase a new opportunity in the ever evolving construction & real estate industry. 

In a few open and interesting conversations with Josefien and Peter from Neanex, I discovered the open vision of Neanex, the young, dynamic but also intellectual expertise of the small team.  I appreciate the way Neanex is doing business with a customer centric focus. Besides these interesting company-wide findings I was also flabbergasted about how Neanex can combine massive 3D-BIM Models with all kinds of important data and discovered instantly the added value for companies in the industry.

Based on these findings, I chose Neanex as the next challenge in my career. With this choice I hope to be in the forefront  of the data and model centric digitalisation of large infrastructure, building and engineering projects. 

Digitalisation - How I see it 

Digitalisation is a word with a very big range and meaning, but the basic understanding is that it is the process to transfer paper assets into a digital (smart) format. 

This format can be used by technology and the ever evolving technology makes it possible to automate, organize and manage things in a better, faster, smarter, more reliable, and safer way. So If you want to use technology, in order to make advantage of its great possibilities, you first need to digitalize. 

Things can be digitized in different ways and formats. In some cases it make sense to digitize in one format (eg. picture in jpeg) in other cases it make sense to digitize in another format (eg. document in pdf). But what’s the best solution? It all depends on what you want to do with the asset once it is digitalized (View, print, manage history, change, share it, …) .

I’m personally convinced that smart digitalisation is the first step towards better follow up and insights on daily activities. Also, digitalisation and automation can only be accomplished when you have a good understanding of the industry, market, general problems, complexity and the needs of teams and companies.

So, if you want to support companies and teams to work in a reliable, decisive, reliable and fun way - what I personally aspire to - digitalisation and industry knowledge are key. 

Neanex has this knowledge and expertise and found a way to do smart digitalisation. They strive to deliver qualitative data and give better insights. In my opinion, this is only the tip of the iceberg, and because of that  I definitely want to be part of this growing story.

Best Regards,
Mathias E.

Want to talk to Mathias about this topic? 

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