Establishing “digitally sustainable” asset registers for construction data.

Demonstrating the application of mature Linked Data standards for the creation and exchange of material passports

The concept of material passports for constructions is gaining more and more traction in the AEC industry to reach evermore important circularity targets.
At the same time, organizations are wondering how to efficiently create and exchange “digitally sustainable” material passports in practice.

A previous news article on material passports elaborated on the need for reusable data. Together with Semmtech, the relevance of digital twins for physical assets was illustrated conceptually and illustrated on a high level in a separate white paper. More recently, Neanex was involved with the last revision of the CB23 guideline on material passports and in particular the part on data interoperability. The consensus of the group was that standardized data exchanges should be based on mature and widely applied standards, such as Linked Data.

Conclusion is that the complexity of future proof data management for building & material passports should be inherent in the tooling & applications that you as a company are using. Neanex & Semmtech provide this tooling that have a user friendly interface and future proof data management mechanism under the hood. 

You want to have a car that drives, we will provide the powerful engine that will bring you there and the safe and comfortable seats to give you a smooth ride!

Neanex has provided a whitepaper on the subject of material passports. 

We cover three parts in this publication: 

  • First, we provide definitions for material passports and related concepts.
  • Following, the importance of sharing and reusing material passports in a “digitally sustainable” manner is described, together with the role of standardized Linked Data technologies to reach this goal.
  • Finally, we demonstrate through an example with our own software applications how such standard Linked Data technologies can be applied in practice by governments, asset owners and contractors for the creation and exchange of material passports.

Written by Mathias Bonduel and Cathérine Pissens from Neanex, and Bram Bazuin and Wouter Lubbers from Semmtech.

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